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Review: Cookies, Curses, and Kisses by Jovee Winters

I’ve read many books by Jovee and she’s always been really good with creating new worlds full of magic and fun characters. I saw that she had posted a teaser about this book and the first few chapters completely drew me in so when this book came out, I immediately bought it.

Cookies, Curses, and Kisses by Jovee Winters

CookiesCursesKissesWelcome to Blue Moon Bay, a little seaside town full of vampires, shifters, witches, and ghouls. A town with a dark secret. A town that was once cursed by a black witch to be forgotten by the rest of the world except for once in a blue moon.

Zinnia Rose is a hearth witch who has no desire to ever find a mate. See, she’s got a little problem—one she’s sure no man would ever understand.

Zane Huntington is running away from his past. Stopping in Blue Moon Bay for dinner may be the biggest mistake of his life, or maybe it’s the beginning of a brand new adventure…

Series: Blue Moon Bay, #1
Age: 14 years and up
Review: 3.5 butterflies
Zinnia is a really interesting character. She’s a witch who has a curse, and because of the curse she didn’t think that she could ever have a relationship. Because of this, she convinced herself she didn’t want or need a partner. However, in the chapters with her POV, there were small hints of loneliness and her trying to convince herself that she didn’t need someone to love. I’m not sure I agree with her choice to save her best friend (even though the friend specifically requested Zinnia not use her magic to save her) but I like that she’s not perfect.

Zane’s wife died a few years ago and now he’s left alone to take care of their child, Edward. Zane is trying his hardest to keep his head over water while he and his son are grieving. It was really interesting being in his POV, mostly because he kept trying to deny his attraction and the weirdness of Blue Moon Bay. If it weren’t for Edward, Zane would have been out of that town after the first few days.

It was really interesting seeing these two interact—especially with Zinnia’s secrets—but I felt like their romance happened a bit too quickly. I know part of it was Zinnia’s aunts’ magic pulling them together, but it felt a bit rushed. The book itself is rather short, and I felt like Jovee could have added a lot more in there before Zane and Zinnia got together. Even though Zane and Edward were able to get some closure with Edward’s mom, it still felt like they fell in love too quickly. Not only that, but Zane decided to stay even after he figured out that once the curse fell over the town once more, he could never leave. Since they knew each other only for a short time, I find it hard to believe that he would make that sacrifice—not only for him, but his son as well. Even though magic was interfering, I still felt like it was too quick.

However, I absolutely loved the world and the really interesting backgrounds everyone have. I loved learning about Zinnia’s curse and about all the cool characters. I do wish we had learned more about the secondary characters—they were more 2D than anything else, but I’m hoping Jovee will give us more in the following books in the series. While this book didn’t completely win me over, I trust Jovee from reading her past works that I’ll definitely keep reading this series.

I recommend this book to those who love a fun, quirky read with characters who aren’t perfect but win over your heart. While some ends are tied, not all of them are, and we’re left with a pretty good cliffhanger so while you can read this as a stand-alone, you’ll be left with the questions about what’s going to happen.


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