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Book Blitz: We Are Made of Stardust (2 Giveaways)

Welcome to the We Are Made of Stardust book blitz! This book is a NA Contemporary Romance that was published June 28th, 2013!

Author Interview

Q. Is sexy, smooth Dalton Deangelo based on a certain real actor who plays a vampire on TV?

A. Yes and no. It’s based on the mile-high girlie crush one of my friends has on the actor Ian Somerhalder, and the hypnotic hold he seems to have on this grown, married woman, much to my amusement! She blushes when she talks about him.

Q. Where did the idea for We are Made of Stardust come from?

A. My favorite romantic movie is Notting Hill, and I think any of us who’ve worked a retail job have fantasized about our favorite actor walking through the door! I think this story has been in my head for years. Most people would get so nervous, they wouldn’t even speak to the actor, so I needed a girl who could hold her own and then some. Along came Peaches. She doesn’t see herself as a fun girl, but oh boy is she fun.

Q. How long does it take you to write a novel?

A. I wish I was one of those speedy authors who can write a full-length novel in one week, but it takes me about 5 weeks to complete a first draft of something as long and involved as We are Made of Stardust. Then I still have to do research and editing. I think the second novel in the series will go faster, as I know the characters better. I’m always working hard so my readers don’t have to wait long.

Q. What kind of music do you listen to when you write?

A. The band that lives below me. But! Not anymore, because I’ve just moved. Me, Mr. Strong, and our two handsome kitties are now in a quieter neighborhood. Actually, We are Made of Stardust is the reason we moved. All that writing about quaint, quiet small town life in Beaverdale gave me a ferocious craving to move. So, in the middle of writing the book, we gave notice and started looking for a new place! I uploaded the book to Amazon about 8 hours before the movers showed up.

Q. Is the Peaches Monroe series going to be long? Is it a love triangle? Will every book end on a brutal cliffhanger?

A. I’ve never written a long, multi-book series. I hope that you readers will guide me. Please post reviews and talk about the book. Tell me what you’d like to see happen. I have some big, big plans, but nothing is locked in until it’s published.

Q. Why do you self-publish?

A. I started self-publishing in 2011 when I couldn’t find a publisher for my first novel, Charlie. (Written under my YA pen name, Dalya Moon.) That’s when I first discovered the amazing indie community, with book bloggers and other fun authors such as the folks who hang out in the Kboards’ Writers’ Cafe. From then, there was no stopping me! Stardust is book #15 for me, and I’m having a lot of fun. Oh, it’s stressful at times, and there are low moments, but those times are when you find out what you’re made of. I think what keeps me grounded are the great friends I’ve made, and giving back to the indie community.

Q. Thong or granny panties?

A. I like a little coverage, but not so much that it sticks out above the waistband of my jeans.

Q. When people find out you write erotic romance, do they treat you like a freak?

A. Yes, but the cool people treat you like the right kind of freak. People already think I’m weird that I self-publish. Actually, most random acquaintances find the topic quite dull until I mention I write “dirty billionaire stuff,” which is why I usually keep it under my hat. It’s hard for me to really cut loose if I’m thinking about people reading the books.

We Are Made of Stardust by Mimi Strong

Peaches Monroe, age 22, is the sassy, plus-sized manager of a bookstore in the small town of Beaverdale, Washington.

One Saturday afternoon, she’s balancing precariously on a chair, in a bridesmaid dress, when a handsome dark-haired man comes running into the bookstore. He knocks Peaches over, she lands in his muscular arms. They lock gazes, and …

She recognizes him.

As the sexy vampire heartthrob she watches on TV every week.

Peaches and Dalton Deangelo are completely wrong for each other. He’s only in town temporarily, working on an indie movie. She should stay away. He should stay away, too.

But they’re drawn to each other. Dalton claims it’s because they’re made from the same stardust. 

Series: Peaches Monroe, #1
Age: New Adult
Book links: Goodreads * Amazon * B&N * Kobo * AllRomance


Dalton’s hand landed on my knee.

Hand-on-knee alert!

The hand lingered on my knee, sending delicious heat into my body, including the zesty taco zone.

“Are you okay?” he asked. “I was coming on too strong, wasn’t I? I can be dramatic sometimes. Hazard of my career, I suppose. At least I’m not on a cop show, or I’d probably interrogate you or put you in handcuffs.”

I swallowed hard at the idea of handcuffs. “I’m not entirely against the idea of kissing you, but if you’re going to do it, just do it. Don’t tell me you’re going to—”

He moved swiftly, hooking one arm behind my back so I couldn’t fall off my chair or get away. His lips were on my mouth, his face in my face, and the kiss felt as right as anything had ever felt right in my life.


He gathered my lower lip between his and gently sucked as his breath warmed my face. People were still tapping silverware on glasses and encouraging people to kiss. The room swam around me, and it seemed like everyone was kissing, in the beautifully-decorated banquet room, with soft music playing and the scent of flowers and fresh bread in the air. How could you not kiss in a room like that?

Dalton pulled away, quickly looking down, as if embarrassed.

I looked at his hand on my knee and found my own hand on top of his, squeezing his thick fingers. I loosened my grip, and at the same time, he flipped his hand to be palm up, holding my hand tenderly.

His voice husky, he leaned in toward me and said, “Thanks for letting me tag along with you today.”

“Thanks for running into my bookstore. Why were you running, anyway?”

He winced. “Stupid reporters.”

“Was it just the usual Hollywood stuff, or did you do something scandalous?”

“You mean like crash someone’s wedding?”

“I guess you don’t have to tell me.” I squeezed his hand and reached over with my free hand to take a sip from my second glass of wine. “I am a woman, though. And we’re curious. Why don’t you just tell me what’s happening, so I don’t have to sneak off to the ladies’ room and scan through the gossip sources on my phone?”

He looked away, gazing at the newlyweds while displaying a breathtaking profile. Strong jawline, thick dark hair. That chin dimple was probably insured for a million bucks. Ugh. Even his ears were the cutest things ever, with all his cartilage folds being a thousand times more handsome than the ears of regular folks.

Where was that evil photographer? Why was he not getting more evidence of my once-in-a-lifetime handsome actor date?

I took a deep breath and let out an audible sigh—audible by accident.

Dalton turned to me with an intense look, the kind I’d seen him do on TV about a thousand times, right before he delivers a bombshell of a line.

Those gorgeous lips of his began to move. “Let’s just be two souls tonight. Two souls who are made of stardust, and found their way back to each other, the way they were destined to.”

Gulp. “And?”

“Let’s wait for our table number to be called, go stand in line for roast beef, and never let each other go.” He squeezed my fingers.

The way he was looking at me. The effect he was having on my whole body, from my swollen ladylumps to my actual freakin’ heart. Two souls made of stardust? I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I reached for my wine and tossed it back.

Nodding, I said, “Tonight, we are two souls.”


About the Author

Mimi Strong writes chick-lit, erotic romance, sex comedy, and new adult contemporary romance. Most of her characters have a strong sense of humor.

Here’s what she has to say:

I’ve always had a lot of sides. Sometimes I’m vulnerable, and sometimes I go after what I want without a single doubt.

My favorite person is my husband. If I can crack him up and see his eyes crinkle at the corners, my day is made. In fact, I love making everyone around me laugh.

I’ve always enjoyed empowering stories about kick-butt women who don’t hold back and the awesome men who are smart enough to love them. Now that I’m writing these stories, I couldn’t be happier. I hope you enjoy them too!

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This book blitz was organized by Xpresso Book Tours. Both giveaways are sponsored and administered by the author.

5 thoughts on “Book Blitz: We Are Made of Stardust (2 Giveaways)

  1. Thank you so much for being part of my book launch! We are Made of Stardust is hopping up the charts, at #200 on the whole Amazon Kindle store as of today.

    It's also ON SALE for only 99cents for a limited time.

    If you do win a free ebook copy, and you've already purchased the ebook, I'll send you any one of my other 7 books instead. If you read it and get hooked, or feel anguish at the end of the first novel, there's a support (ha ha) group on Facebook called “Team Peaches.”

    Thank you again, and have an awesome weekend!


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