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Review: Shaken by Susan Hatler

So I got this book when it was free on Amazon, as part of a promotion. I hadn’t read it because I’ve had many, many books on my TBR list, but when I read Truth or Date and loved it, I remembered that I have another Susan Hatler book so I immediately opened it up and dived in.

Shaken by Susan Hatler
High school junior, Kylie Bates, can suddenly read minds. When she touches people’s hands, she’s able to see their deepest thoughts. As if that’s not freaky enough, her dad sends her to help hottie detective, Sam Williams, track down a missing girl. Way too much pressure, especially for a girl who can’t watch Scream without getting nightmares.

Then, finding the missing girl leads to much more than Kylie’s prepared for. Like discovering that her dad has been lying to her. That she has a family she never knew about. That the girls have powers similar to hers. Oh yeah, and that someone is out to get her.

When the detective’s teenage wanna-be-cop cousin, Trip Williams, approaches Kylie at school insisting she help him solve the case, she discovers Trip might be the only one she can trust, and the only one to help her unravel the secrets behind her mysterious gift.

Series: Mind Reader series, #1
Age: 15 years and up

Review: 4.5 butterflies 
Woah. This book kept me on my toes throughout it. Normally I don’t read mysteries, but this one kept me flipping the pages because it was just so thrilling.

Kylie is a 16-year-old girl who is a straight-A student and isn’t really social. Then she finds out she can read minds. Yeah. As if that wasn’t enough, some pretty scary situations have her working with the police. Plus, everyone she knows is keeping secrets from her.

Yeah, she’s had a tough week.

To make it worse, some of the things Kylie sees are pretty creepy and she is rightfully scared.

Soon she’s helping Trip—a wannabe cop and fellow classmate—solve some cases because he’s the only one that’s actually sharing things with her.

I really liked Kylie, she had realistic reactions and I was able to really connect with her. I especially liked that when she figured out she could read minds, she didn’t deny it or try to pretend it didn’t happen. Instead, she tried to find out answers and wouldn’t let her dad’s evasive answers stop her.

Speaking of her dad, hasn’t anybody ever taught him not to keep secrets that important? That only puts Kylie in more danger because she doesn’t know what’s going on. Not only that, but in trying to find more answers, she puts herself in danger.

I also really liked Trip. He was always trying to protect Kylie without hiding things from her (except for once) and was really swoon-worthy.

Some of the situations Kylie was in had me biting my nails and wondering what was going to happen next. I was rooting for her the entire time and every time someone hid something from her, I cried in outrage. Seriously, did nobody every tell them not to hide important things?

This story will have you turning the pages to find out what the heck is going on with everything in Kylie’s life. There’s mystery, action, and a little bit of romance that will have you finishing the book in just one sitting.

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