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Review: Enchanted by Patti Berg

WARNING: This post and the links from it contain adult content. If you are under 18 years of age or if such content offends you, please EXIT now.

I bought this book on Amazon because there was an offer and I thought it was time for me to read a Christmas love story. I love Christmas stories, but this year I haven’t read a single one (I know, I know!) so I decided to read one and review it a few days before Christmas!
I hope you all are enjoying the 12 Books of Christmas 🙂

Enchanted by Patti Berg
Book Cover: Enchanted (E-Book Version)


With a touch of Christmas magic, two hearts can fall in love…
A Christmas story for those who believe when love is involved, anything is possible. Mac O’Brien is wealthy and powerfulbut since the death of his fatheron Christmas daythe magic has gone out of his life. So he makes a wish for happiness, and Merry Nicholas, his new housekeeper, breezes into his world. Merry, with twinkling eyes, rosy cheeks, and snow-white hair, reminds Mac of Mrs. Claus, and when she pulls knitting needles from her candy cane-striped carpetbag, she weaves an enchanted spell around Mac, leading him to happiness, and to the woman he’s destined to love.
Age: 18 years and older
Review: 3.5 stars
First there’s Mac, a chauvinistic man who thinks women should only be housewives. Then there’s Kathleen, who is so totally driven towards her career she doesn’t want to compromise in their relationship.
Mac was sometimes a jerk, and at one point I wanted to hit Kathleen on the head for how hard-headed and stubborn she was.
This book had the potential to be 5 stars, but it had a few things that were a bit hard to believe.
First, Merry, the housekeeper, appears out of nowhere and Mac just accepts her into his home, not asking for references or even a résumé. For a businessman, I think it’s a bit too unrealistic for this to happen. Then, Kathleen at some points seems way too naïve to be a 30-something year old woman. Some things were resolved a bit too easily (in my opinion), but hey, that’s Christmas magic, I suppose!
Despite these problems, I really liked how the author involved Mr. and Mrs. Claus in this story and the Christmas spirit and magic had me reaching for my hot cup of cocoa!
This book is a nice read for someone who likes magic, the Christmas spirit, and love.


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