12 Books of Christmas

12 Books of Christmas: Crazy in Love

The seventh book of Christmas is one that I read a long time ago and had been looking for since then (it was a library book). Only recently was I able to find it and read it again.

Crazy in Love by Dandi Daley Mackall

High school senior Mary Jane Ettermeyer has been the good girl for a long time. To date, she’s proud to say she’s been able to keep her pledge of abstinence (not that anyone has challenged it). But when the cutest guy in school starts flirting with her, she suddenly finds herself crazy in love, even though:
a. her inner Plain Jane tells her that Jackson House can’t possibly think she’s cute, so this must be a joke.
b. her inner, sexy M.J. is questioning her vow to keep herself pure until marriage.
c. hot Jackson House shouldn’t even be talking to her, because he already has a girlfriend!
d. her friends warn her that her reputation is at stake.
e. her parents sit her down for “the talk.”
Which are all good reasons why she should never speak to Jackson again. Except that every time she sees him, all of her resistance seems to melt away….

Ta-dah! Sounds cute, right?
Have you read this book? If so, what rating would you give it? If not, why do you want to read it?

Yes! I read it a long time ago and then again when I found it and bought it. Originally, I read it as a teenager. When I read it again, I realized that it wasn’t quite as I remembered. It was still good, but not as amazing as my memory seemed to make it. Nonetheless, I still loved it.

I give it 4 stars!

Why did you pick this book as one of your twelve this Christmas?

Because in this book, the main character is doubting herself. Did she make the right choice when she chose to abstain? It’s a book about maturing and learning from the mistakes and choices you make.

I think everyone should read that type of story because everyone feels that way at some point in their life.

What’s the age limit for this book?

This book is for people 13 years and up.



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